JumpOnv0.0.2 (alpha)


Virtual body-language
for your remote meetings.

Get everyone's input

It's hard to hold team wide conversations over remote meetings.

Some people dominate the conversation, others don't get a word in.

We built JumpOn to make our retros and virtual whiteboard sessions run more smoothly - to ensure we got everyone's input and feedback, so the quieter voices in the room weren't crowded out by those who spoke the loudest.

Works with your current meeting tool

JumpOn runs alongside your remote meeting and helps you collectively manage the flow.

With JumpOn meetings run smoother, are more productive, and less stressful.

It's completely free to use. Simply create a new meeting and share the link in your meeting invite.


  • Show you want to interrupt, or have a point to add to the conversation
  • Quickly indicate you're AFK or having tech problems
  • Anonymotes - anonymously flag that you want a comfort break, or jellyfish the conversation if you feel things are going off topic
  • Live-react to give encouragement to the speaker, or show your confusion

Matt Harbord

Matt isn't a real developer, quant or product owner, but he's had some success at all three. He doesn't know how to feel about the fact his avatar is more attractive than he is.

Chris Pitt

Chris has been building mobile and web applications for the last 10 years. Attention span of a gnat, he broke off three other projects to put JumpOn together. Bad meetings are the bane of his life.